Monday, November 1, 2010

Breif Weekend Update

These were taken on the Fireline trail at FOMBA on Saturday. It was about the most challenging trail I've biked on so far. You've gotta love all those rocks and tight turns and steep climbs!

Sunday, we biked at Bradbury State Park. The ground was wet under the leaves and I had a little difficulty negotiating the slippery roots at times. I only actually hit the ground once, though. It's sad to think that the mountain biking will be coming to an end for the winter in another month or so. But then there will be cross country skiing.

My running is really coming along. I feel good when I run! A good test was my easy four miler yesterday, after two hard days of mountain biking. As soon as we got home from Bradbury I headed out on the trails. Despite being exhausted and achy from riding, the run went well. It's a good feeling to be enjoying my running again!


  1. Fireline is tough! It was the first trail I rode the very first time I ever went to FOMBA (last year). I crashed more times then I could count, and spent a good part of the 3 mile trail hike-a-biking. It was very discouraging. A year later, a new bike and hopefully a little more skill and I finally got around to trying it again last week. Still tough but I managed to ride most of it with no falls. Good for you for trying that ridiculous trail!

  2. Mountain biking is a progressive skill sport. So when Fireline was re-designed after the cutting in 2005, it was done so to challenge the Advanced-Intermediate rider. Many of the more difficult technical features have a ride around option, so that the average intermediate rider can still tackle the challenge without having to ride the more difficult features. IMO it was a success. KC

  3. Steve, the first time I saw Fireline, (last year), I RAN it while Kevin rode the entire thing on his bike and made it look easy! He didn't fool me, I knew it was going to be difficult for me on the bike. Isn't it fun to see improvement in our mountain biking skills over time!

    KC, you're right. It is a success! A nice challenge, but not so crazy that it seems impossible to a rider like me. Nice work out there!