Friday, October 26, 2012

Done Whining

and moving on. Work sucks and that's too bad. There's no time left at the end of the day for anything...or so I thought. Since my last post I have turned over a new leaf. I am doing something, every night no matter how late I get done with work.

This past 4 days I have run twice and done good long quality strength workouts three times. It's late when I get started and even later when I get done. But it is becoming a habit and becoming easier to commit to each night. Mornings aren't possible. I wake up to so many emails and "tasks" that I can't even begin to take time for myself with a clear conscience. But I can make this work.

So on to The Facts:

Tuesday: 4 miles on the trails at an easy, yet uncomfortable pace just as it was getting dark, chest and back strength workout afterwards,

Wednesday: 4 miles of technical trail running just around dusk. Durgintown Woods clockwise in 37:52.

Thursday: P90X Plyometrics in the late evening. 1 hour of pain and suffering.

Friday: 2 miles uphill on the treadmill followed by P90X shoulders and arms. Surprisingly, repaired left rotator cuff still hurts when I lift. I'm going to lift anyway.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Little Whining

I'm still alive and well in Kezar Falls, but all I have done for the past few months is work, work, and more work...with mountain biking and running pretty much confined to the weekends I have off from work. I never imagined I'd ever have a job that was this consuming. I loved my job a few short months ago. Holy Heck, how did this happen? Anyway, it can't continue for much longer. I have a life to live.

These changes at work have caused a brand new onset of nightmares, insomnia, gastric reflux, estrangement with friends and family, moodiness, and flabby thighs.

I was supposed to run a mountainous trail race next weekend, but after testing my legs on a very hilly 12 miler yesterday I realize it isn't going to happen. 2 days of training a week just doesn't cut it.

So change is in the works. I just hope it happens before the flabbiness moves from the thighs to the hips and belly.