Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Back into a Normal Routine!

I've been busy settling into my new job. This has interferred with my training routine! I've been getting runs in, but it hasn't been easy. Now I am finally starting to figure out how to organize my work day efficiently so I will be able to get back into a regular routine with my running.

My previous job had me working all over Southern Maine. This allowed me to explore trails in all sorts of little rural towns. I would find them by looking at maps, asking my patients, or just spotting an opening on the side of the road. I sure had some great experiences out there!

My new job has me covering the town of Gorham, Maine. It is a little city just ourside of Portland with a lot of comuter traffic, housing developements, and a University of Southern Maine campus. This is all new running to me. At first I found myself asking in a panic, where are the trails?! But this past week I have begun to find them!

I explored the Presumpscot Preserve area near the Little River (rugged ups and downs with rickety bridges), snow mobile trails (nice rolling hills), and power line ATV trails (not bad). I have my eye on what the hunters call "the brick yard" trails and will explore them next week. There are also the surrounding towns to consider.

I am gearing my training toward the Virgil Crest 100 Miler with the help of coach Jack. I will also try to get time off to run the Maine hundred mile wilderness (AT) with a small group of Maine and New Hampshire runners with record setting aspirations. I have no record setting aspirations and will not be up with the record seekers, I just have a desire to travel the trail in the opposite direction from what I have done before and to do it without the burden of heavy backpack... oh and to get out of the woods in one piece. I would like to hear if anyone knows of an actual record for this stretch of trail. Sue J, if you read this give me your input on this!

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