Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bradbury Mountain Biking

Kevin and I had a wonderful mountain bike ride at Bradbury State Park yesterday. We started our ride around eleven o'clock, which is perfect for riding there during the weekend. The trail runners are all done and the sun has dried out the worse of the wet spots by then. There are always lots of mountain bikers in the parking lot, but once we get out on the single track, we don't see many. Most of the time we feel like we have the whole place to ourselves!

My left arm is still giving me problems from my crash on Kitchel 3 weeks ago. There is some sort of nerve involvement, I have pain and weakness in the bicep with numbness and pain going all the way down to my thumb and first finger. It seems to be getting better slowly on it's own. This made it a little more difficult for me to get my front wheel up and over things on the bike, but I managed!

We weren't all that blown away by the Bradbury trails the first time we rode there, they were wet and slippery and we didn't know the best directions to ride in or how to smoothly connect trails to make a nice long ride. But we absolutely love riding there now that we know our way around. There are a few tricky places that make me concentrate a little, ascending to bat cave, getting over the stone walls on Island Trail, navigating narrow curvy bridges, and powering up a few rooty rocky ascents. But it is all ridable and fun. I really enjoy trying things that are just a little too difficult for me to ride comfortably. Maybe that's why I keep getting hurt!

We hoped to ride at the Moat Single Track today, but it looks like it's going to be too wet out. We'll probably end up out on the local trails for some work on Kevin's latest project... Bootlegger Island Trail.

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