Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting Back At It

This past week I was permitted to start physical therapy on my left arm. This is the first time I have been allowed to actually move it since surgery, and it feels great (in a painful sort of way.) I will follow up with my surgeon next Monday, and ask about going back to work in some sort of limited capacity. I'm starting to go stir crazy at home.

My running is going well. I wrote up a little training plan to get me back to baseline and have been having no problem following it. I have been out on the trails every single day this past week. I'm starting to allow my left arm to swing, just a tiny bit, while I run. This seems to be helping to loosen up the bicep and forearm, which have both been having frequent painful spasms since the original injury. Yesterday I did some hill repeats, which was not as easy as usual with only one arm pumping and the other doing its tiny little whimpy swings. I managed three 100 meter repeats up the steep loose gravel hill. I have a lot of trouble getting my mountain bike up this hill, so running didn't feel so bad.

Scout is doing great with his trail running skills! We had a close call a few days ago when he met up with a leashed Pit Bull on the trail. Scout thinks every dog and every child wants to play with him, so when he sees one of them he charges over with his tail wagging. When he did this to the Pit Bull, the Pit Bull yanked the leash out of its owners hand and took off after Scout, snarling and growling. I though Scout was a goner! But Scout has been training with me, remember? So he was able to change directions and sprint for his life. He dashed past me, knocking my shin with his cowbell hard enough to draw blood, and spun around me in a tight circle. This slowed the pit bull down enough for its owner to catch up and grab her. I told you Scout was turning into a good runner!

Today, we leave for our vacation in Bar Harbor. We planned this trip before I knew I was going to need surgery. There won't be any cycling for me this year, but I can do some hikes and some runs on the carriage trails! We love Bar Harbor after the tourist season is over.

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