Monday, December 10, 2012


We spent a nice weekend in Northeast Vermont. We were lazy on Saturday and then drank too much beer at the Tamarack. So Sunday I was determined to get out there and do something! I did Insanity's  "Pure Cardio" first thing in the morning. This is the worse Insanity workout so far and includes a solid 30 minutes that keeps my heart rate over 170, about equal to a thirty minute tempo run. Following this, Kevin and I headed out into the woods behind camp with Scout. I showed Kevin the area I have been exploring on my own. I love rambling through the woods trying to figure out where trails and old roads go.

Exploring old tote roads alone in southern Maine is one thing, but Northeast Vermont is a totally different thing. In most of Southern Maine, if you know how to walk in a straight line in the woods, you will almost always come to a road within 5 to 10 miles. Then again, all bets are off after dark without a light  Lost . But in Northeast Vermont, a person could walk in a straight line for days and not find a road. So I have been a little cautious exploring out there on my own. It was nice to have Kevin along Sunday. His sense of direction in the woods is pretty remarkable.

We enjoyed some nice tote roads and snowmobile trails and finally came to a point where I had once, on snow covered ground following a single set of snow mobile tracks through the woods, found a short cut back to Camp Road. We could see the mountain our camp sits upon from that point, but not much of a trail. We decided to go for it, rather than coming out on Victory Road and having to walk 3 miles uphill on packed gravel road. This "not much of a trail" soon ended and we were on our own.

We started up. It was a steep and rough bush whack, but we knew we were going the right way because we could see the mountain top from where we walked. Plus Scout was running out in front with a sense of purpose, he definitely knew which way was back to camp. Ugh, what a climb! It was about a mile of steep climbing. My legs were aching from the Pure Cardio workout and I was suddenly starving. But eventually we came out exactly where we wanted to be.

The minute we got inside I had a glass of orange juice, two chicken legs, a bowl of cereal and a pickle. Then I laid down and slept for an hour. Ahhhh, just the way Sundays are meant to be.

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