Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bread Bag Kind of Day

I was supposed to do my long run yesterday but I had a lot of work to catch up on after our Vermont trip so I put the run off until today. This morning as I looked out the window at the sleet/snow/rain falling gently, the slushy and flooded streets, and the gloomy skies, I was not feeling very good about that decision. I dressed to run, but then hemmed and hawed, putting it off as long as I could. Finally I left the house with a half hearted, "guess I'll see how it goes," to Kevin.

Within a half mile I realized that it wasn't really all that bad. The roads were covered with about 4 inches of slush. But there was pavement, not ice, beneath. After 4 miles of road running I decided to try the snow mobile trails. Again I was surprised. There were a few inches of soft wet slush and snow on the surface, but it was solidly packed beneath that. Despite my bad attitude about getting started I was feeling good and having fun!

I looped back to the house for a drink and a snack about twelve miles into the run. I was soaked and starting to feel cold so i didn't stay more than a few minutes. Kevin offered me bread bags for inside my shoes as I left. This made me smile. I don't know if everyone else did this, but Kevin and I both grew up with leaky boots and both our mothers used to stick plastic bread bags on our feet before we stuck them into the boots. No bread bags were used today, but they might have helped. Eight more miles of snow mobile trails brought me back home from a very nice twenty miler.


  1. Bread bags: the first vapor barrier liners!

    Loved reading about your Kingdom Trails trip!


  2. My Grandmother wore them on the outside of her boots and sealed the top with tape.