Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ossipee Valley Foothill Fun

21 miles of running with 8040 feet of climb and descent on hard packed snowmobile trails in beautiful sunshine makes me one happy woman! The big goofy glasses match the big goofy grin.

It was a gorgeous day to be out on the trails!

There were plenty of "hill ups"...

and plenty of sunshine!

That's where I had just come from...

And that's where I was going.

I had a nice tour of Maine Maple country along the way.

I imagine he was thinking, "why fly when I can run on beautiful trails like these?"

This is looking toward Cornish from the Hiram Hills.

The top of Peaked Mountain in Hiram. Notice the chimney, all that's left of a structure that was hit by lightning years ago.

Almost done with my last little climb of the day, Tower Hill in South Hiram.


  1. Great pics! I'll have to explore those trails sometime.

  2. Laura, what a great series of photos! You are beaming! I love the glasses and the grin and the small little tracks in the snow.