Monday, April 18, 2011

Ossipee River Trails

I almost buckled under the pressure of getting things together for my new job today. I have been winding down on the employment side of my life for the past several years because there are more important things to do with my time! Suddenly, in taking this new job, I have to find copies of certificates, degrees, licenses, and awards. Most people probably have a file with all this stuff in it. I used to, but I don't seem to anymore. I came home late this afternoon after meeting with various nice folks at my new workplace. Kevin tried to say hello, but I pushed him out of the way muttering something about expiration dates and proof of certification, adding, "and I was supposed to get a long run in today, too." Followed by "grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter, mild curse word, F-word, mutter, mutter, grumble..."

Eventually, Kevin coaxed me out the door and onto the trails for my run. After about three strides I turned and called back to him, "hey, I already feel better!" Amazing stuff, this trail running. I looped, zig-zagged, back-and-forthed, back tracked, figure-eighted, and dosey-doed around and around on the Ossipee River trails, which are in awesome conditon and have already seen mountain bike traffic this week. This kind of running is extremely fun. I am never more than three miles from home, but I can easily put in 20 miles or more. I had stowed some GU's and a big bottle of water at the trail head and returned there every 45 minutes or so for a drink and squirt of GU. Interestingly, someone stole my last packet of GU. Kevin saw who did it, so if you read this Blog, watch out, we're onto you! Anyway, this is one instance where the Garmin comes in handy. If I had to calculate how far I was running on these meandering trails I would run out of mental energy long before I ran out of physical energy. I had a great run. I'm glad to see that the Ossipee Trails are ready for biking!!! I'll be sure to get out there on the bike with kevin some evenings this week.

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  1. It sounds like Kevin is a good man. He knew what you needed and made you go for a run. Everything was easier after that, I imagine.