Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ice and Hills

We just got back from another fun weekend in Vermont. The snow in Burke is pretty sparse, so there was no cross country skiing or snowshoeing. The mountain is open, but Kevin is a little particular about open trails and snow conditions, so he didn't want to snowboard, either. We managed to have a fun time anyway.

Saturday, we took a brisk hike on the trails. I had planned to run, but even with spikes it was way too icy! There was about an inch of solid, clear, smooth ice covered by a couple of inches of powdery snow. Even walking was treacherous. I had to slide down some of the steeper hills on my butt.

Sunday we went to get some building supplies for finishing the trim work on the camp. I had Kevin drop me off 5 miles from camp on the way back. Running to camp from town is all uphill... steep, steady, slippery uphill. To make matters worse, a friendly black lab joined me with about three miles to go. I turned and brought him back home when I realized he wasn't going to go back on his own. That meant running back down the hill. It looked like he was going to stay so I headed back up again, only to hear him clomping along behind me about a half mile later. I turned around and started back down the hill and soon he ran off ahead, going toward his home. I turned and ran back up. As I neared my turn with a mile and a half of the steepest climbing ahead, Good Old Blackie caught up to me again. I ran up the icy dirt road, scolding him between gasps for oxygen, "you are a very bad dog. You should not be chasing runners. You are going to be in big trouble when you get home." He just jogged along beside me with his tail wagging and his tongue hanging out of his mouth. When I got to camp, Kevin came out and told my new dog friend to "go home". Blackie turned and trotted back down the hill. Apparently, Kevin has more clout with dogs than I do. It was a good solid hill workout. And the doggy distraction probably helped keep me from thinking about how hard it was.

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