Monday, January 2, 2012

Icy Hilly Single Track

After working all weekend, I was happy to have today off to celebrate the new year with Kevin and Scout. We drove out to North Conway and traveled the rogue mountain bike trail that runs around the back side of Rattlesnake Mountain. Kevin walked and I ran over the hilly terrain. I get up ahead for a while, then turn and run back until I find Kevin again, then do it all over again. It's a fun way to get miles and hills in. Scout runs a bit with me, then gets worried that we are leaving Kevin too far behind and stops to wait while I go on. Then when I turn around and meet him coming back, he gets all excited and joins me running back for Kevin.

Hilly stuff out there! And today it was very icy, too. I wore my Brooks Adrenalines, which I never cared for until Kevin studded them with screws. They work great on ice. Coming back, a mountain biker passed us and Scout looked at him moving fast over the ice, looked at me moving slow over the ice, and made his decision. He took off with the cyclist with his tail wagging. I took chase. Luckily, the cyclist stopped on the trail and waited for me, otherwise I'd still be out there chasing them. Bad dog.

We wrapped up our day at The Moat with a few beers and some good food. Its been another great day in the woods with my honey and my (bad) dog.

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