Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Donna Rides Again!

Bianchi Eros Donna rides again! I haven't had her out of the upstairs gym in over a year. The only action the poor girl has seen lately, is a little spinning on the bike trainer now and then.  I felt a little nervous about sitting atop those skinny little tires on such a flimsy bike frame, going at such fast speeds (compared to mountain biking), but that is exactly what my quads needed.

My left quad recovered pretty well within 24 hours after my aborted Vermont 100 attempt. The right one continues to bother. It cramps up when I squat (which I do a lot of at work), climb up or down stairs, or go from sit to stand. Monday, I dragged the bike down the narrow back stairway, almost falling down the stairs in the process, and went about checking her over to see if she was in ride-able shape. I found 4 dollars in the pack under the seat! I also found two flat tires and a very messy, greasy chain. Otherwise, she was in mint condition. After changing the front tube, I was ready to go!

Kevin happened to be outdoors as I set out so I tried to look strong and powerful, but the little whimpers I let out with the first few pedal strokes gave me away, "ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch..."   He called, "just spin easy." I figured he should know since he was married to someone who followed all the training rules to a T, before he married me, (I know all the rules but can't seem to follow them).

He was right. I put it in an easy gear, stayed on the flats, and spun my legs around like pinwheels. The pain eased up almost immediately. I swear, I could feel the lactic acid pumping out of my muscles with each pedal stroke.  I looked ridiculous. I had put on the fancy Spandex shorts and special glasses to make the experience complete, but  was tottering around like a 5-year-old on training wheels.

It was fun! I'm about to set out for another road ride this morning before work. I have to get my legs back into mountain biking shape by Saturday and I think this spinning thing will do it.  Today, not only will I wear my fancy Spandex shorts and flashy looking glasses, I will also dig out a Spandex roadie jersey with some kind of crazy printed words all over it and stuff the back pocket full of GUs and Power Bars. I'm getting into it. I love experiencing different cultures!

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