Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still Recovering


 68 miles of the Vermont 100 took more of a toll on my legs than the full hundred usually does. It's mostly my right quad. I think I was under trained and did not do nearly enough running on hard surfaces in preparation. On race day, I ran the early hard packed downhills much too aggressively for the training I had done. Looking back, I was already feeling twinges in my quads while I was running the paved re-route through Woodstock early in the day. My right quad is still angry about it.

So this past week I rode my road bike and walked. After a full week of not running or mountain biking, I was ready to go! Saturday, Kevin and I mountain biked a four hour long hilly loop around the Kingdom Trails. I was happy my legs felt as good as they did. I was picturing myself walking the bike up all the hills and that wasn't the case. I was moving a little slower than usual, judging from the fact that Kevin had to keep waiting for me and a few groups of riders passed us, but it felt great to be out there. Kevin pointed out that it is unusual for riders to pass me these days, which sure wasn't the case a year ago.  It's really fun to take up something new at this age. Where I see myself slowly declining in some of the things I like to do, mountain biking is something I am still improving at.

Sunday I decided to run. The problem was that it is extremely hilly where our camp is. To start from camp, I have to run straight downhill for about a mile, loosing around 1400 feet of elevation. From there I can either turn right to continue down, or turn the other direction and climb. Flat isn't an option. I did OK, but ended up walking the entire last mile back up to camp. Monday I tried to run a flat 4 on the local trails, but my quads made me cut it short. Yesterday I got back on the mountain bike and that went very well. I have to be patient. Right now I just have a little muscle strain, I don't want to turn it into a real injury.

This weekend I am planning to run an annual 30+ miles through the White Mountain National Forest with friends. I'll go anyway but if my legs aren't willing, I won't run. Kevin is working the aid stations, so I could always help him instead of running. I've still got 3 days left to recover, so you never know.

By the way, I've been eating plenty of greens. That's gotta help with the recovery!


  1. Looking forward to my first MMD this weekend! Good luck on the recovery.

    1. I'll see you there, Jesse! Hopefully I'll be able to run and try for my 5th finish out of 6 attempts. If not, I'll be working the aid stations.