Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back Pain

Not much to report on recent running or biking over the past few days. I took Sunday as a rest day after MMD. I felt great, other than some very tired quads. Monday I woke up in the morning with lower back pain. It improved through the day but still warranted a day off from running or biking. I took a long walk instead. Tuesday I woke up with even worse lower back pain which made me take another day of just walking. Then at about 4 o'clock this morning I woke up (and probably woke everyone else in the house up too) with extreme lower back spasms that almost made me convulse right out of bed.

I did have one good fall coming down from Mt Jefferson during MMD on Saturday. I would have landed on my butt, but instead my butt fell nicely into a space in the rocks. I slammed my right forearm down on the rocks on the side. It didn't really hurt, but gave all the hikers in Madison Hut something to gawk at as Kevin and I joked about my "broken arm" which was very swollen and mis-shapen by then. It has since turned purple and black from wrist to elbow, and still doesn't hurt. But I digress... I might have wrenched my back on that fall. I don't know why it didn't give me any trouble until two days later, but that is all I can think of that could have caused this back problem.

Today I couldn't go to work. I needed help sitting up and getting out of bed. I went to see my crazy chiropractor. He gave me a good scolding about what a mess my back and hips were and wondered what in hell I had done to my arm. He wasn't impressed with the 32 miles of mountain running I had done Saturday. In fact, he seemed a bit disgusted with me. He snapped and cracked and wrenched and twisted me until I couldn't move anything without crying out in pain. To this he replied, "There, I think we got it."

I hurt like heck all the way home, but it is suddenly easing up! That's the thing with my chiropractor, he's a total nut, but he really helps me when I need it.

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  1. Okay, ouch.

    I hope it's just muscle soreness and it eases quickly.