Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nice, Cold, Rainy and Windy Run

The weather this morning was perfect for running, a comfortable temperature, a gentle breeze, and just the faintest drizzle of rain. Today was to be the dreaded one day of the year that someone travels with me to see patients to make sure I am doing everything by the book. I am supposed to just go about business as usual but I started worrying about things. For instance, it might not be considered professional to carry my lab draw equipment in a 6 compartment wine bottle carrier (although it works great for the lab stuff and if it had a picture of syringes and vials on its side instead of wine bottles and grapes it would be perfect.) And maybe my extra running clothes (clean, mind you) should be in a different bin than my medical supplies. And should the soft sided cooler that I carry specimens to the lab in have a home care competitor's logo on it? I decided to play it safe and got right to work on tidying up these things. When everything was in order, I had missed my opportunity for a morning run. I dressed up in a matching set of professional looking clothes. Then the supervisor cancelled on me. Damn.

My chance for a run came around 3:30 in the afternoon. I had a break in my day while I was in a remote part of Parsonsfield. I changed clothes in the car and headed out into the woods on an ATV trail. It was pouring rain, icy cold, and windy! I'm talking gusts that almost blew my feet out from under me. Trees were tossing down leaves, acorns, and branches at me as I ran. The water was pooling on the trail and there wasn't much mud at all. I was splashing along with my hair blowing and my (inappropriate for a rainy day) running clothes soaked and slapping at me. I had a big old smile on my face the whole time. It was down right invigorating! I ran 4.23 miles in 39:20, not bad for wet trails!

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  1. I love running in the rain.....but did not get out there today...