Friday, October 1, 2010


I once knew a guy who constantly complained about the weather. It was always too hot, too cold, too dry, or too wet. Sometimes it was too windy. If there wasn't enough snow it was something to complain about. If snow was expected it caused an out right panic.

Comments about the weather are different than complaints. I love hearing people's comments on the weather. The weather this past year has been interesting and worthy of all the comments I have been hearing and reading. This morning, the weather here in Kezar Falls has been all over the place!

I went out for a nice slow recovery run on the local trails. It was warm and humid without a hint of air movement. With a couple of miles to go, an icy cold torrential downpour started. It felt good on my skin! Suddenly it started to hail. This only lasted about thirty seconds. I was in dense enough forest that the hail stones didn't hurt at all. Then it was pouring rain again. When I got out to the road the rain stopped as suddenly as it had begun. The street looked like a stream as all that rain that had just fallen rushed downhill. A stiff wind started up, blowing straight at me. At first it was a cold wind, then it got warmer, and by the time I finished my run it was just a gentle warm breeze.

I love weather! All kinds of it!


  1. I love a good storm!

  2. Hi Laurel,

    I will comment to say that it is lightly raining in Southern California right now!! (That doesn't happen very often.)


  3. I always love running in the rain especially on trails.