Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Running Gear

I get a kick out of reading about all the gear we runners buy. First we need expensive footwear to run "barefoot". Then expensive compression garments to help our muscles take all that barefoot running. Of course there is fashion to consider as well...skirts, wraps, buffs, fancy gaitors, sunglasses, flashy knee socks, etc. (I might buy a skirt myself after all that chafing at Vermont.) And let's not forget the gadgets. We need our GPS units to measure our runs to the exact milimeter (I have one myself) and special software to record and analyze our training. I could write a whole post dedicated to packs. I have way too many of them and none of them are right for me.

I guess all I really need is a pair of shoes that work for my running form. (I did the whole barefoot thing back in 1979 and ruptured a muscle in my foot. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon this time around.) I don't even need running clothes. I have been known to run after work in my dress clothes because I have forgotten my running clothes. (Hey, I might be the one who invented the running skirt!) Sometimes it's a little awkward feeling and it always draws a lot of looks, but I've put in many miles that way.

A few days ago I looked through my cold weather running clothes and realized that most of my tights are over ten years old and are coming apart at the seams. My long sleeved tops all have a permanent odor. I can't find any gloves (I tend to take them off when I get warm and tuck them under a rock to pick up later, then forget to pick them up.) I do have one hat that is fit to run in still. I think I am the only woman in the world who hates to shop, but it might be time to do some online shopping. Then again, I don't have an office job anymore and I have all those nice skirts and dress pants that are just hanging in the closet begging to be run in.


  1. funny post or fun post. my favorite one these days are the compression socks. the same sock many runners pay up to 50.00 for can be found at your local cvs or walgreens for 7 bucks or less.

  2. That was so funny! I must admit that after 20 years of running in whatever shorts I had and a decent pair of shoes, I have gotten caught up in a bit of the gear too. But hey some of it's pretty cool!

  3. hey Laurel! I'm with you! I hate to shop also. As you know (all too well from the day before my 13 mile run episode) I don't have any running clothes either. Since I don't race it doesn't really matter to me though. An old pair of shorts or sweatpants and a stretched out, out of shape, t-shirt does me fine. Of course I'm a small time runner compared to you, but for me, all I need is my running shoes and I'm good to go!

  4. Hell... i run in my Timberland PRO Workboots and my Carharts Flannel lined pants in the winter. In the summer.. i don't run at all.. unless i'm being chased by a bear. - KC

  5. Slomo, You're right, those "compression hose" that they sell at Rite Aid are the exact same thing! Old ladies have been wearing them for decades.
    Shelly, I know. I like the looks of some of the stuff myself.
    Amy, you blew away a ton of runners with fancy outfits. They are probably still moaning that "the lady with baggy gym shorts and a T-shirt beat me."
    Kevin, Shhhhh! If everyone starts running in Timberland workboots the price is going to go up!