Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finishing up the Week

Kevin and I took to the Ossipee River Trails on snowshoes yesterday. The snow was softer than we expected, despite having been packed down by our last few snowshoe trips through. I ran while Kevin fast-hiked the trails. I like it that we can share the trails together even though Kevin doesn't run. I loop around and run out and back, and in this way we are out in the woods together even though we are each doing our own thing. It was interesting to hear from an acquaintance at a social gathering on Friday evening, that she and her husband do a similar thing. He runs while she mixes running and walking. By running back for her now and then they are able to travel together down the trail. Here I was thinking Kevin and I were unique in doing this! (Truthfully, Kevin's fast snowshoe walk isn't much slower than my snowshoe run when we are on that loose stuff!)

We worked hard out there yesterday and both felt it last evening. I wasn't sure how my run was going to feel today, but I was determined to get it in. After working on a home improvement project together all morning, we each set out on our own. Kevin hit the trails with his snowshoes again, while I ran a nice out and back on the little trafficked Spec Pond Road. I started out a little stiff and sore, but felt better and better as I went. Hooray, I made sixty running miles this week! And we both fit in some good fun outside time this weekend.

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