Monday, January 10, 2011

Tough One, But Got It Done

Today's run was a tough one! It was a hilly road loop through the town of Porter. I added a little out and back along the river near the end to make it an even 19 miles. It took me 3:02, not very speedy! I wanted a loop that would keep me out of traffic and off the icy trails. It was a very scenic and peaceful run, but my back and legs didn't do well on all that pavement. My form was really tightening up near the end and I had to walk one of the hills on Kezar Mountain Road due to leg and lower back pain. I cringed when I saw my short awkward gimpy stride when I looked at my shadow. I made a point to avoid looking at my shadow for the rest of the run.
Yesterday I drove past a woman running in Waterboro and I made fun (only to myself) about her obvious state of fatigue. She was definitely in the last miles of a long run and the struggle was showing in her form and on her face. Her mouth was moving as she muttered to herself, her nose was dripping, and her eyes were at half mast. Her arms had dropped low at her sides and her feet were barely clearing the ground with each step. When I drove by I thought sarcastically, "well there's a woman who is enjoying herself." Well, if there is justice in the world, she should have driven past me today for a good laugh. I can tell you, she looked 100% better yesterday than I must have looked today!
This was the longest distance I've run on pavement in a very long time and it hurt. I'll try to return to the trails for next week's long one.

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  1. ...or, that woman could have been like me, and only on her 4th or 5th mile when she was looking like that. I'm sure you looked great while you were on your 18th mile!