Friday, January 7, 2011

No Bathroom, Wardrobe Problems, and a Hostile Fat Lady

A short time ago I did a nice out and back along East and West Grand Avenues in Old Orchard Beach and really enjoyed it. Yesterday I had time to kill in the Saco/Biddeford area so I decided to re-visit OOB for my run. I had twelve miles planned, but didn't bring a watch or my Garmen so I just guessed at the distance. I ran out from Ocean Park, through OOB, and into Scarborough. Then I turned up route 9 away from the beach because I wanted to find some bushes. I had no luck finding bushes and had to practice self control for the remainder of the run.

I guessed at the turn-around spot and headed back. I was tempted for a minute to return on rte 1 and make a loop, but who wants to deal with rte 1 traffic? I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on the return trip. For some reason the nice new tights that my son gave me for Christmas started falling down after the half way point. Weird, because they felt fine all the way out. I stopped and tried to figure out a way to keep them up. I ended up gathering all the excess material I could from the two fleece tops I was wearing and stuffing the big bunch of fabric down the front of my tights. It made me look pregnant, but it worked like a charm.

The only other out-of-ordinary occurrence was on East Grand Avenue during my return trip. With only a short distance left to go, a very large lady who was out watching her kids play in the snow bank yelled across the street to me. She said something like this, "You think you look good that skinny? Well you don't! You are way too skinny and no man is going to want you looking like that!" People on the street looked over to see who she was yelling at and it was a little embarrassing, but I just kept running. Just for the information of those of you who don't know me personally, I really am not very skinny for a runner. I'm pretty "solid" (as I like to put it). Plus I had a big paunch from stuffing the bottom of my fleeces into the front of my pants. Oh well, I didn't worry about it too much.

After I was done, I took the long way back to the office so I could use the car's odometer to measure how far I had run. It turns out that I ran eleven and a half miles while trying for twelve. That's pretty good guess work!


  1. You didn't tell me the part about stuffing shirts in your pants. TOOO FUNNY. I LOVE YOU Laurel. You are a cless act!KC

  2. Too funny what that lady said! We live in a world filled with interesting characters. :)

  3. It's really bizarre what that lady said. I'm sure it's an issue of hers, and had nothing to do with you personally, but there are some strange people out there.