Friday, April 27, 2012

Taking the Bad With the Good

Just when I have made my peace with being old and slow, Meghan Arbogast had to go and prove that 50 isn't too old to run well at Ultra distances. Her performance at the World 100K Championship race was quite inspiring. Still I struggle on, heavy legged and...slow. I am putting a good effort in and covering the miles. I'm enjoying myself out in the woods. I just don't have the speed, spring, or flexability that I used to. Some days are so bad that I think to myself, "that's it, it's time to move on to something else. No more running for me." I had one of those days Tuesday this week. Then I'll have a day where running feels effortless and natural. I'll find myself thinking, "Wow, I'm so strong I didn't even feel that huge hill I just ran up!" I had a day like that yesterday. I won't even talk about Tuesday's bad run. Yesterady, on the other hand, is worth talking about. I ran with Scout on old unmaintained town roads in Porter. These are hilly and rocky and fun. We did about 8 miles and loved every minute of it. I used these roads to train for Massanutten in the past, but hadn't been on them for a while. I forgot what excellent training trails they are! I ran out and back to avoid taking Scout out on the roads. This worked well because we climbed all the way out and then cruised downhill all the way home. On the way back I forgot all about being old and slow. I was feeling that old spring and speed. And it felt GOOD!

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