Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We've Still Got It!

Mary and I met for a ten miler on the rail trail between Standish to Windham after work today. A while ago, she and I had made some sort of vow to start speed work and get back into racing shape starting this April. I don't know what I was thinking agreeing to something like this. I may have been drinking at the time.

As we set out this evening, I was hoping Mary had forgotten all about the speed work idea. I decided to just not mention it. But after about three miles, Mary stopped in the middle of a story about her family life and said, "See that sign up ahead? Let's go!" So I went. I was able to run fast enough, but I felt very clumsy and awkward. It just didn't feel smooth or natural. About a half mile later we fell back into our easy pace. Apparently Mary didn't feel all that graceful with her fast pace either. She told me she felt like comedian, Jerry Lewis flopping down the trail with her arms flailing. On one of our later pick-ups, a couple walking their dog actually backed up off the bridge they were starting out on and shoed their dog and themselves off the trail when they saw us barrelling down on them. We'll have to work on our style and grace.

We did a total of four pick-ups of about a half mile. It didn't kill us so we decided to meet for more of the same next Tuesday evening. Hey, we might be middle aged has-beens, but we like to think we've still got it!

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