Monday, August 20, 2012

Running, Riding, and Trail Building

Last week I made it through my planned training exactly to the letter, except for Thursday which I took off due to craziness at work which kept me sitting at my laptop far later into the evening than it should have.

Thanks to near perfect weather and fantastic trail conditions, Kevin and I had one of our best mountain bike rides ever on Saturday on the Kingdom Trails. It helped that we were both well rested and feeling energetic and strong, for me this was because I took Thursday off from running! See, things always work out for the best. We did our favorite long loop in three hours. This loop usually takes us three and a half to four hours. Leg fatigue didn't set in until the last few uphill climbs on Beat Bog, which is exactly how I like it. I'd hate to finish a good long ride feeling like I wanted to keep going!

Sunday we started laying out a trail loop around our camp. This is more difficult than you'd think. It is hard for me to tell if a climb or turn is going to feel fun and smooth on the bike or awkward and clumsy. It is also difficult to see where I am going and where I have been through the dense trees and brush. Luckily, Kevin has some experience in this and a good feel for it. This took us several hours, but now the loop is all marked. It will be a lot of fun to ride...eventually. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Work promises to be even more chaotic and crazy this week. We are going through some "transitions" which are going to require us all to put in extra time. I can only take it one day at a time. So for today, I have to fit in eight miles at some point. Should be simple enough.

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