Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving Forward

I found this photo of me in the midst of my suffering at the Green lakes 100K. That is a grimace, not a smile. Mercifully, they didn't post any finisher results after 12 hours by some glitch in the system. Unless a person happens to read my blog, they'll never know how slow I ran!

I walked a few miles on both Monday and Tuesday and ran 3 miles this morning. I'm none the worse for wear from pushing through a bad day at Green Lakes. I do think of it as good training for the Oil Creek 100 . Pushing through that last 50K at Green Lakes sure felt like the last 50K of a 100 miler! Good old pain and suffering, you've gotta love it!

With that tough day behind me, it's time to move forward and look ahead to Oil Creek, my last ultra of the season. It's been an interesting year with a DNF at MMT, followed with trying to run injured, then some time off, then a miraculous sub 24 at Vermont, a wonderful time in the mountains at MMD, and then total fatigue and sluggishness leading up to and persisting through Green Lakes. With 4 weeks to recover, I think I can have a good run at Oil Creek. Then Winter will definitely be a time for me to rest and rebuild.


  1. Laurel, you are going to do awesome at Oil Creek!! Train, rest and be optimistic. Most of all, run for the fun, not for the win and you will do well. - KC

  2. I love that picture of you. You are the perfect example of fitness!!! You look fabulous!!!!!!!!!
    You should be proud of your run no matter what amount of time you complete it in. To run that kind of distance when you feel like crap is really hard to do (I can imagine, because when I run my (waaaayyyyy)shorter runs on a crappy day I know that's hard). Sometimes when your fitness doesn't pull you through, you have to use disipline and perseverance which takes a lot of mental strength and drive. I always know you can do it though!! You did great!!!!

  3. Congrats on kicker 100k!
    I like the polka dot shirt - you must be in the middle of thinking A.F.F. beats a D.N.F in this shot.

  4. Grimace? THat's debatable to me! Hopefulyy GLER "oiled" your training for the CRick.