Monday, November 23, 2009

Goals for 2010

Amy and I ran a nice 9 mile loop from my mother's house in Limerick today. We started on an old discontinued dirt road through some really nice woods. When we hit pavement, I had a vague idea where we were so we were able to make a good loop returning on paved roads instead of doing an out and back. We both hate out and backs.

I have been thinking about some goals for 2010. They aren't all running related, just adventure goals. I still have to work it out on the calendar and see if they will fit, but here they are in no particular order...

1. Run my two favorite races, Nipmuck Trail Marathon in the Spring and Mt Pisgah 50K in the Fall. And be in good enough shape and healthy enough to enjoy them both.
2. Complete a snowshoe marathon this winter.
3. Finish the Vermont 50, but do it on the mountain bike this time!
4. Try rock climbing.
5. Run a one hundred miler. It will be Western States if I get picked in the lottery by some miracle, otherwise I'll do Vermont.
6. Run my namesake race one more time, The Laurel Valley.
7. Do a solo Pemi Loop.
8. Run the 30th edition of the Maine Track Club 50 Miler. This is a road race, and the site of my 50 mile and 50K PRs. Roads are tough on my spine these days, so this is going to take some preparation! No, I'm not going to try to beat my PRs. I'd be very happy with an hour slower than my 50 mile PR or 30 minutes slower than my 50K PR.
9. Work on my core strength and my flexibility, which will both do wonders for my poor old spine and maybe give me those much coveted six pack abs.
10. Finish summitting those last few 4000 footers.

Yay, bring on the next year of my life! I feel like it is going to be a good one.


  1. Good goals! Pemi loop solo is definitely a Zen experience.

  2. Great Goals!!! I haven't worked on mine yet but I am sure it will include running.

  3. Wow! Someone is going to be busy this coming year.