Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hilly Road Run

This morning I ran a nice 8 mile out and back on Dundee Road in Intervale, NH with my friend, Mary. Dundee Road is extremely hilly! The way we run, we do most of our climbing in the first half, then cruise back on mostly downhill. We started out and ended on pavement, but the middle three or four miles were dirt. If I'm going to be running on pavement, I'm going to have to get some different shoes. My Trail shoes don't offer much cushioning on hard pavement.

As always, we wasted a lot of precious energy talking and laughing. As loud as we were, there was no danger of being mistaken for deer by hunters. Mary is so loud and cheerful that people in their yards stop what they are doing and shout out good morning to us. People don't do that to me when I run alone, so I know it's Mary's boisterous personality that causes this to happen. I think it is very nice that Mary can cheer up people she doesn't even know while she is out on her morning run.

Usually we hang around and visit (and eat a lot of junk food) after our run, but today Mary had things she had to do with her kids, who were out of school because of some sort of teacher's workshop. So I drove a few miles over to Sticks and Stones and rode my mountain bike for a couple of hours. Now I'm tired! This afternoon has been set aside for "reading," which means I will lie down, open a book, read a sentence, and fall asleep for a few hours.

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