Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Speed Work?!

I don't know what got into me this evening. I just got back from an unplanned speed workout. This is remarkable given the fact that I haven't attempted any fast paced running in many months due to back problems. I haven't done a true speed workout on the track in several years. I planned to do an indoor cardio/strength workout for a second workout today, having done a short run this morning, but I just felt like getting outside for a run instead.

It was getting dark and I didn't bring a light so I left the trails after a few miles and was going to do some loops around the school fields. The next thing I knew I was timing myself for a 220 on the track. It felt awesome to open up my stride and push off like I meant it and breath hard. I ran the first 220 in 42 seconds. When I looked at my watch I yelled out with excitement, "Hey! I've still got some speed in these legs!" I ended up doing 2 X 220, 2 X 440, and 2 X 220. The 220's were all between 42 and 44 seconds. The 400s were 1:34 and 1:30. I jogged a 220 between each repeat. Every time I looked at my watch I caught myself smiling a big happy smile. Running fast is fun! I had kind of forgotten that.

Granted, this isn't much of a track workout. I only did a total of one mile of fast paced running. But the point is, I ran sub 6 minute pace and my body held up fine. I am feeling pretty happy right now!

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