Monday, March 14, 2011

High Road to Pease Hill

This cold is getting the best of me...except my runs still feel great! Two half mile hill repeats were on my schedule for Saturday. I worked all day and felt pretty sick, but after driving up High Rd, Old Limington Rd, and Pease Hill Rd to measure the distance, I parked at Cornish Elementary School and set out for my run. Instead of having to run the same hill over and over, this route provided a long steep one mile climb, a brief period of level and downhill road, another climb over a mile long, a short level stretch, and lastly, a steep muddy half mile climb to the top. This wasn't exactly what was perscribed, but I worked the uphills hard and was very happy with how strong I felt. At the top I enjoyed the veiws of the Hiram Hills to the North and the White Mountains to the West. It was a very clear day and Mount Washington looked beautiful.

The downhill segment went by fast! I had to remind myself to lean forward, strike midfoot, and let gravity do it's thing. Someone once told me to picture my feet rolling along like they are inside a bicycle tire when I run down hill. This works for me. In the past I have won road races by passing rivals on downhill stretches that fell near the end of race. Rocky rooty trails are a different story. That type of downhill running takes a little more skill and practice. Once the trails around here get down to dirt, I'll work on it.

I am going to try to lay low today and give my body a chance to get over this chest cold. I might take the bike out or go for a short run, and I will probably do my strength workout. I don't feel up to a 26 mile long run today, but hopefully I will be able to do it tomorrow.

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