Saturday, March 12, 2011

Speed Work

In between blowing my nose, coughing, and sneezing through a crazy busy work week, I had an awesome speed work day this past week! I haven't done any formal speed work in a very long time. I've run a little Fartlek here and there, some hill repeats, maybe a tempo run now and then...but this workout was more structured and specific. I was to run a quarter, a half, three quarters, a half, and a quarter. Recoveries between each were to be half the distance. Thank Goodness the tracks are still covered with snow or I might have been tempted to go all the way with this and run my workout on the quarter mile loop.

I parked at the Line School in Newfield in the early evening after work. Garmen in hand, I set out on the rolling hills of the back streets. After a two mile warm up I was ready to go! Could my legs and lungs still do this? The answer was yes!

On the 3/4 mile interval I was running slightly uphill and crossed an intersection. Two young guys were coming up on my left at a good pace. One yelled, "Hey Rose, wait up!" I yelled back over my shoulder, "Not Rose." I smiled the rest of the interval because I know Rose and she is a hell of a lot faster than me. My fast pace is probably her easy pace. This would be like if one of you sort-of-fast guys was out running and someone mistook you for one of your running heroes. It made me feel good! Rose lives in the area where I was running and I had vaguely wondered if I might see her when I started out.

Here are the splits:
1/4 1:35
1/2 3:08
3/4 4:50
1/2 3:10
1/4 1:31

Now, these are not the kinds of splits I ran ten years ago, but then again I am not the same runner I was ten years ago. For one thing, I am not completely obsessed with running anymore. I have other interests. For another, I'm older and wiser so I don't particularly like pain, injuries, being underweight, and having a competitive attitude and a big ego. This is the new improved mellow ultra-running Laurel. I'd like to keep this...but also get more fit and a little faster. You know, have my cake and eat it, too.

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