Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Long Run

Today's long run went pretty darned good. I put it off all day. I didn't sleep well last night, and that combined with a gloomy damp day with messy, slushy roads was enough to make me bury my face in a book while laying o the couch all morning. I told Kevin, "4 O'clock is the cut off. I have to get started by then." And I did. I set out at around 3 O'clock in the afternoon. Trails are out of the question right now. There is still a lot of snow in the woods and it is soft and rotten at this point. So road running was necessary.

I ran ten miles out and back on the very hilly Spec Pond Road. It went fast and I felt great! I stopped by at home to present Kevin with my master plan. I thought I would go out for another six and return home to pick him up for company for my last six. Kevin had kept me company on his bike for a hilly eight miler on Sunday and now I was spoiled and wanted company on my run. But he was already on the treadmill when I stopped by at the house and he planned to use the bike trainer and then do some strength training next. No worries, I took a Cliff Shot and some water and struck out alone.

Eight miles later my hips and knees and lower back were starting to feel the pavement. I'm not a trail runner by accident, but by necessity. I have a lousy spine which doesn't absorb any pounding. When I stopped at the house at eighteen miles I was hurting, but willing. I tried a Power Bar Gel and won't ever do it again. It burned my throat going down and sat in my stomach like molten lava after I swallowed. Live and learn.

My training plan called for 22 miles this week, but my hips, knees, and back were telling me that twenty was plenty (hey, that rhymes!) Two more miles on the soft muddy shoulders of the flattest roads I could find brought me to a nice twenty mile total in 2:48 (pretty happy with that at this stage of the game.) An ice bath and a recovery drink is the recommended post long run treatment. I know that. But a good long hot tub soak with an icy glass of Harpoon Beer did the trick for me!

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