Thursday, October 22, 2009

Biking and Lifting Yesterday

My Bike

The benched trail. We call it "The Clencher" because it scares me! If you go off trail and down that slope on the left, you will be in the Ossipee River.

This is part of the Pollywog Pond Trail to the left with the Ossipee River on the right.

I got a good strength workout and an hour of bike riding in yesterday. The strength work still has to be modified because of the right shoulder injury I sustained on the mountain bike in the beginning of September. But at least I can do some lifting with that arm. Pull ups are OK, but push ups are impossible right now.

The bike ride was great. I rode on the trails Kevin and I have been working on. Some of the things that were challenging to me a month ago are easy now. Other things are still difficult or impossible for me. I have plenty of improvement to look forward to. It is very rewarding to work at learning something and be able to see the progress along the way. If I ever master this mountain biking thing I might have to take up golf or something so I can continue to have this feeling of being motivated to improve at something. Really, I don't think anyone ever masters mountain biking. A rider can always find new challenges and continuously develop his or her skills. This is a good thing because I really have no interest in golf.

Today will be a legs and back strength workout and an hour of trail running. I'm feeling very good and very well rested right now. I'm loving this "down time." I'm still managing to stay active, but relaxed about my fitness routine.

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  1. I wish I had the time to do what you do during your "down" time ....I am jealous...very jealous
    Though I did go golfing twice this summer!