Thursday, October 8, 2009

On My Way to Oil Creek!!!

I'll be leaving for PA in a few minutes, probably stopping to spend tonight somewhere in NY before finishing the drive tomorrow. This morning's email from race director, Tom Jennings warns of lots of bees, below freezing temps Saturday night, ice on the numerous wooden foot bridges, and lots of blown down trees on the trail from a big windy storm yesterday. Sounds like great conditions to me, trail running is supposed to be tough!

I'm very happy there is no rain in the forecast. I can run in the cold and I can run in the rain, but put me in a cold rain and there is a very good chance I will end up being treated for hypothermia somwhere in the middle of the race. It's happened a few times before.

This is a first time event and I have no previous year's times to look at to set any time goal for myself. I'm just going to go as easy as I can for the first 50K loop, and then go by how I feel after that. I figure I have had 3 training runs of over 60 miles since May, 90+ miles at MMT, Vermont 100, and Green Lakes 100K. I shouldn't have any problem finishing as long as I don't do anything stupid. My running and fitness is feeling good. I actually feel rested for the first time since MMT. So we'll see how it goes. Look for my race report early next week!

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