Monday, March 1, 2010

A Drenching

I just got back from a nice 5 miler on the road. The road I ran on is really in rough shape, with cracks and holes and wash outs. There is a lot of standing water in places from our recent rain. Just as I was running around a huge puddle, a small blue car approached from the opposite direction. He slowed down briefly, then suddenly accelerated and splashed through the puddle sending a big wave of muddy water up my side and into my face and hair. I was soaked! I wanted to give him the finger, but instead I turned and gave him a big sarcastic smile and a wave and yelled out "THANK YOU!"

He turned the vehicle around and came back. I said to myself, "Oh Sh*t! What now?" He stopped beside me and rolled his window down. The driver wasn't the young smart Alec I expected, it was a very old man. He apologized for splashing me and said he didn't mean to. I told him there were no hard feelings. Now I feel bad about my sarcastic "thank you." I am so glad I didn't give him the finger!

1 comment:

  1. Wow that could have turned out so differently! Glad it was just an older driver and not somebody looking to hurt someone!