Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easy Time on the Trail Today

When I wrote up my Vermont 100 training plan, I made Mondays and Tuesdays my hard days. I do faster paced work on Monday and a long run on Tuesday. Weekends are light with a 3 or 4 miler Saturday and a cross train day Sunday. This is so i can enjoy other fun activities with Kevin on the days he is off from work. It works out great.

Kevin and I have fallen into the habit of doing Saturday's short easy run together on the local trails. Today we ran and walked for 4 miles on the Ossipee Trails. It was windy! Most of the snow and ice is gone. We didn't see the Pileated Woodpecker today, but we did see an enormous hawk or eagle flying away from us down the river. We hoped we'd see it again to get a better look, but we didn't have another sighting.

Back home, I found my first tick of the season crawling on my arm. Watch out, they're out there already!

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  1. I am still considering 50 miles, let alone 100! That is so inspiring. I hope to get in another trail 50k or two before this fall when my 50 miler is that I want to do. Did you put up your training plan for your 100? I'd love to see it if you ever post it. Thanks for leading the way to longer trail races. I love learning from those who have already been there!