Thursday, March 11, 2010

Montrail Mountain Masochist Shoe Review...Sort of

Late yesterday I ran up and down Ossipee Hill on the way home from work. The road surface started as mud and then quickly changed to mostly ice as I ascended. I was trying out my new Montrail Mountain Masochists, and I was impressed! I'd love to tell you why I love them so much, but I am just not much of a product reviewer. I had a stint reviewing shoes for Saucony years ago and I needed help from my non-running husband. I have the words, I just don't have much of an opinion about items. I like them or I don't. So he'd tell me what was good and bad about them and I'd put it into good reading. It worked out OK.

Many of my hiking, cycling, skiing, trail running, and snowshoeing friends readily admit they are "all about the gear." They love shopping for it, reading articles and reviews about it, trying it out, and comparing opinions about it with other people. These are the people that will happily talk ski wax for two hours over drinks. They are the ones that will show up on a different road bike each week for 6 consecutive weeks and talk about the bike they are on through the entire ride. They can fast hike 20 miles with me, all the while explaining the merits and the faults of the new pack they are using. They can talk about things I never give a second thought to, like water bottles, gloves, and lip balm... and make it sound interesting! With these folks, I can't drive home from a hike, ride, or trail run without stopping at the bike shop, Pearl Isumi Outlet, or EMS where they educate the salespeople. I'm not sure where this ties in, but I have observed that these types have matching outfits that they partake of their sports in, and they look really good in them!

I would like to be part of that. I would love to talk bike componants, helmets, socks, and glide wax and sound like I know all about it. I'd really like to tell you why I love my new Montrails. Hmmm, I can tell you why I didn't like Montrails years ago when I last tried a pair. They felt like too much shoe for me. I am 5 foot 2 and 105 pounds at my heaviest. I'm a neutral runner and I'm light on my feet. I don't need a hiking boot, I need a shoe that I can feel the trail in! I felt like the last Montrails I tried, the Hardrocks, would be great for through-hiking the AT, but I couldn't run in them. They made me feel like I had cement blocks attached to my feet. Back to the Mountain Masochists... They are everything the old Hardrock isn't. So to wrap up this lengthy, yet useless product review, Wow, what a great shoe!


  1. I understand. I guess I'm not out there enough to even be worthy of all that fancy gear but when I run my 5 or 6 miles a day I wear whatever sweatshirt I can find and a pair of beat up sweatpants. And, my saucony running shoes (which I don't like at all, and I can't tell you why, other than they suck). When I go to the gym I look out of place amongst all the women in their tight black exercise outfits, but I have to say I'm comfortable.

  2. Ha, I loved this shoe (non)review! Laurel, you sound like a minimalist to me. Have you ever tried Inov-8s? Not much to them. They may be just right for you.

  3. Funny post.

    I agree that I like my trail shoes light!

  4. Another one here who likes light trail shoes. I have 3 pairs of trail running shoes and I like my oldest, cheapest pair the best as they are super light and don't drag me down like the other two.

    I have to admit I am a gadget person. I have been looking at Craig's List for a used mountain bike as I want to take that up this year and mountain biking appears to be a gadget intensive sport!!! Can't wait though HA

  5. Great review! I like my favorite trail shoes light and saucony running shoes.