Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Long Run in the Rain

What do you wear when you are heading out into the mountains in torrential rain with temperatures hovering just above freezing? Everything you can find. I was dressed much the same. On a day like today, fashion isn't important. Oh, and that handful of cookies is to provide some calories to produce some extra heat.

Today, Mary and I ran an extremely hilly loop on dirt and paved roads in North Conway and Jackson, NH. This included a relentless climb up the entire length of Dundee Road, a little faster flatter running around Jackson, and a painful return trip over Thorn Hill. There are flood watches out all over the area. Streams look like rivers, rivers look like lakes, and places where there is usually no water at all are raging brooks with waterfalls. It was pretty incredible to see the power of nature today.

What happened to all those layers of clothes Mary started out with? She dropped pieces all along the length of Dundee Rd. Then she stopped in a claustrophobic panic in the middle of Jackson, where she had me yank her soaked outer layer of pants off over her running shoes. It was a struggle and we both almost landed in the mud. The things I'll do for a friend in need.


  1. Sounds like it was beautiful. Glad you shared it with a friend!

  2. Sounds perfect to me - on a day like today the fog and mist must have been rolling over the mtns.