Wednesday, March 31, 2010

High and Dry in Kezar Falls

I have had a couple of very wet morning runs these past few days! Yesterday when I got back home, I saw on my Internet home page that a dam had broken here in the Kezar Falls area of Porter and a flash flood had resulted. Well, my house sits a few hundred feet from the biggest dam in Kezar Falls. I had just run past the river and it had looked high, but OK. I stood up and looked out my back door. I didn't see any water. It turned out that the flood was in Porter Village, about 5 miles from Kezar Falls. That's what you get for sending city reporters out to cover a story in the country. Anyway, a few people called to make sure we hadn't washed away in the big flood and I was happy to say our house is still high and dry!

I'm giving things a little time to dry out this morning and will run later in the day today. Starting Monday, I went back to twice a day workouts, with a run in the morning and a strength session or cardio session in the evening. This evening workout doesn't usually seem to help my running, but it makes me look and feel a lot better. I do P90X, but don't always do it daily. I'm trying to get back to doing it faithfully each evening. If you haven't tried P90X, it is one tough workout series! And it really makes a difference. When I do it regularly, people start commenting on how fit I look. That is always a good thing to hear! It does take away some strength that could be put to use in the next morning's run, so I probably wouldn't normally recommend it for during racing season. For my goals this year, I think it will fit in nicely.

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  1. I don't remember a day where you didn't look fit Laurel. The double workout sounds like a good idea. I've been trying to do the same, but only about 3 or 4 times a week, and I'm sure my double workout isn't half of what you do, but it does make me feel good! So far no one is saying "hey, you sure look fit today" but at least I feel good that I'm getting a few good workouts in each week.