Thursday, July 22, 2010

Looking Ahead

Here I am, about 4 days after my 84 mile run in Vermont and feeling darned good... surprisingly good! Still, I am definitely not inspired to sign up for another hundred miler any time soon, if any time at all. I've finished 6 hundreds and DNF'd 3. Those 3 DNF's have all been very recent. I think my body is trying to tell me something.

With the 2010 Vermont 100 behind me, suddenly I find myself feeling motivated to train for something. I think that "something" will be the Pisgah Mountain 50K. 50K?! Why that's practically a sprint. I'd better start working on getting some leg speed back! Oh yeah, there's also hill work to consider. I'd better write up a plan.

Between all the training for Pisgah will be a Speckled Mountain-Caribou Wilderness backpack trip with Kevin, a solo Pemi Loop, the MMD run, and a lot of mountain biking. August is going to be a very fun and full month!

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  1. I find it truly admirable that you're hopping right back up after the DNF. I'm just learning about you and have to say I'm incredibly impressed at your 6 hundred mile race finishes. Most people couldn't even dream of such. Pretty inspiring stuff.