Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday Run and Bike

I am not sure why an 84 mile run at Vermont was so much easier on my legs than a 100 mile run, but it was! I have run 30+ miles in the 6 days since my DNF and I feel great. I can't explain it, but I like it!

Yesterday morning I ran with the Rochester Runners gang for a nice 8 miles on dirt and paved roads. We ran around Lovell Pond in Wakefield, NH. I had patients to see in Shapleigh (not far from Wakefield at all) so it worked out great. I took a dip in the pond after the run and changed in my car and I was ready for work. The group is a great one to run with, they are very relaxed and fun.

In the afternoon, during a lull between patients, I took a mountain bike ride with kevin on our local trails. There is a huge Bluegrass Festival going on adjacent to the trails. The festival-goers had found the trails and were out in droves, hiking down to the nice swimming holes in the river. It was very odd to see so many people out on "our" trails. But it was also entertaining. The "Blue Grass" crowd is a very mellow group! I especially liked it when a long-haired young man wearing nothing but his tight black skivies stopped us on his way back from the river. He was concerned about us and wanted to make sure we knew where we were going.

We got to hear a little of the music as we cruised through the festival itself on our bikes. No, we didn't pay admission, but it's not our fault that the festival sits right in the middle of our mountain bike trails!

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