Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What can I say about my recent running? heat, humidity, lots of missed days due to work, deer flies, tapering... not too interesting. So instead I'm going to talk about Facebook.

Facebook bugs a lot of us. Yet there we are, reading about other people's fascinating lives, intense training regimes, awesome race results, successful careers, expensive vacations, and exceptionally clever and cute kids. We're reading those witty one-liners and wishing we could come up one once in a while. We are looking at pictures of new cars, new hair styles, and new houses. I thought it was just me that found Facebook irritating at times (yet addictive). Then I started hearing things from friends.

At a race this Spring, a long time running acquaintance who has been doing Ultras for many years stated, "Facebook makes me sick. All these new Ultra runners are so darned enthusiastic. It makes me jealous that I don't have that anymore." At that same race another running friend nudged me and nodded to another woman runner saying, "she is so full of herself on Facebook." At a recent training run several people commented that I was in better shape than they thought I'd be according to my FB posts." I'd better watch what I'm posting, I might be giving the competition a confidence boost!

My sister recently lamented, "I wish I could come up with just one witty remark for FB, but I sit there with my fingers on the keys and I've got nothing." Another running friend half-jokingly (those "half" jokes really aren't jokes) accused me of bragging on Facebook. I'm not sure which post it was that offended her, but I'm a newly wed in love and enjoying life so I'm always gushing about something on FB. I'll try to tone it down a little.

My own peave is all the training everyone else is doing. They run and run and run. And boy, do they race! One or two races every single weekend. Am I a slacker? I never knew I was. I've always done fine at races and always felt as fit as anyone else. Little did I know that I was only half as well trained as everyone else, even the walkers at the back of the pack are training more than me. Thanks a lot Facebook, for showing me how lazy and out of shape I am! I find myself hitting the "hide" button on many running friends because I don't want to know how much more disciplined and focused they are than me.

I can't quite kick the Facebook habit now that I've started. I'm not looking at it very often any more and not posting as much as I used to. But if I ever come up with a witty one-liner you can be sure it will be there for all my Facebook friends to see!


  1. Reality becomes a bit distorted through Facebook, but so be it. Beer does the same, but I'm not about to give that up. ;-)

  2. Great post. Facebook is addictive and frustrating at the same time.

  3. I.m probably one of the few who are not on face book. I guess it just never really caught on with me.....besides I have little blogs like blogspot that I discuss how infrequent I really train...Honestly, I for one enjoy reading your entries ....ironically I find myself thinking about how much you train compared to me. I guess it is all relative ...huh?

  4. Frustrating is a good word for it, Shelly. Jamie, you're right about beer and facebook, but always remember not to mix the two. You never know what you might find yourself posting. Pathfinder, good for you. Stay away from it! And true, it is all relative.

  5. LOL! I read this to the tone of Andy Rooney's voice! You are so funny. BTW: who gives a !@#$%^&** if someone else trains more on FB. Just keep playin and havin fun. - KC

  6. Laurel, You are a rock star no matter what..Some famous sagely type once said that "unhappiness can be caused by comparison" (to paraphrase). I agree with that in remind myself just to be me and do what I do and sing praises for all. I enjoy FB for the potential connecting it paves...but so much of the time it can so swiftly become the best and the worst aspects of junior high school.
    You inspire me!

  7. Thanks Emily. I know we all have to be happy with who we are and not waste time and energy comparing ourselves to others. But I guess I lack the self discipline to tune it all out. When I read on FB about someone running 10 miles each morning before I'm even out of bed, I start to feel kind of lazy. Thank Goodness for the "hide" button! BTW, looking forward to seeing you at Vermont.