Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taper Legs

Today I drove over to the Mineral Site in North Conway and ran an out and back on easy trails for 4 miles. I felt remarkably good! Hooray, for the taper! Then I did a very relaxed mountain bike ride for 2 hours on the nice single track out there. OK, it was only one and a half hours of very relaxed riding. I had to climb up a long painful hill to get back to the car at the end of my ride. My heart was beating so fast on that climb, it scared me! I ended up walking the bike for a good part of the climb out.

On the run today, I tried out my new Golite hydration pack. It rides very well and should work well at Vermont. I plan to have a hand held bottle and the waist pack bottle during the daylight running at Vermont, as high temperatures and humidity are expected. I have only had one drop at Vermont, and it was due to heat and dehydration. Not this year! I'll stay hydrated, adjust my pace as needed, and finish the thing! Also of note, the year I dropped, I was extremely sick from the heat, vomiting and dizzy. But after lying in the shade at Ten Bear and re-hydrating for an hour, I felt that I could have gone on to finish the race. Unfortunately, I had already officially dropped out. Lesson learned is I won't pull from a race until I'm sure I can't recover with a little rest.

Now I'm heading out to the back deck with a cold drink and a good book. You've gotta love a good taper!

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  1. Your big race is this weekend?!?! I will look forward to reading all about it. Luck has nothing to do with it, so I won't wish it. But enjoy the journey!