Monday, January 11, 2010

Cross Train Weekend

I had hoped to run part of the GAC Fat Ass on Saturday, but still had work left over from Friday and spent the morning working from home. I did get out for a short snowshoe jaunt with kevin along the banks of the Swift River Saturday Afternoon. Sunday was just too cold for me to run. Ten degrees is my cut off. I find if I run when it is colder than that I have a lot of wheezing during the run and end up with a bothersome cough for days afterwards. I did a couple of good indoor workouts instead. I still don't have my treadmill, it's coming tomorrow. I spun on the bike for about an hour keeping my heart rate in the mid 140's, I did my chest and back strength workout, and I did an hour of plyometrics (with an average heart rate of 152!) Plenty of exercise for one day.

Today I went out and ran on snowmobile and mountain bike trails for about 3 hours. I definitely was not feeling my best today. I was just plain beat. But at least I got out there. Tonight will be an early night for me so I can get some quality training in tomorrow.


  1. Hi Laurel! I love the new pictures. You look terrific!! Sounds like you had a great workout with the snow shoeing, spinning, and strength workouts!! I've been lazy with the strength workout but I'm about to get started. On my way to the gym right now!

  2. I don't know if the strength training helps my running any, but it keeps me feeling young and strong! As soon as a woman's estrogen levels start dropping (don't look now, but yours are dropping as I type this, sis) we start losing muscle and bone mass, so strength work mixed with weight bearing exercise like running or walking is crucial! Get to the gym, you bum!