Thursday, January 28, 2010

Urban Exploration

Last evening I ran 7 miles from my Springvale office. I normally don't like running in Springvale/Sanford. I just can't seem to find my way off the busy roads and the drivers there are not very pedestrian friendly, no offense to anyone who lives in that area. Normally I run toward Sanford in an attempt to stay where they have sidewalks. But last night I put my life on the line and ran off in the opposite direction. Sure enough, the sidewalk abruptly ended forcing me into the traffic. I had reflective gear on, but that just seemed to draw the cars to me like a magnet. I could imagine the drivers thinking things like, "what the hell is that shining on the side of the road? I think I'll veer over there for a closer look." I took my first opportunity to leave the busy road and surprisingly found running bliss!

Running South and West of town opened up a whole new world of runner friendly hilly roads! I climbed past tranquil little houses and nice fields to the top of a ridge in the bright light from the 3/4 full moon. I would have kept exploring, but I had one evening patient visit to make and didn't want to risk being late for that appointment. So instead, I turned and ran back the same way. It was lovely.

I spent some time this morning mapping out some more loops in that area. I've figured out 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 mile loops that look like they will be very nice. The convenience of running from my office, instead of running from my car on the side of the road, is that there is a bathroom, a place to change, a water cooler... the list goes on and on! What a luxury!

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