Sunday, January 24, 2010

My next door neighbor's house burnt down today. Kevin and I were just leaving the Osippee River Trail and saw a fire truck from Cornish go by. I joked, "maybe it's my house and I'll be off the hook," I have house I can't afford. We laughed and then went to the market to buy few bottles of wine. We then headed home. We went over the Kezar Falls bridge and I gasped "Oh my god. It IS my house." and Kevin said, "No. "It's Chris's." We had to drive around the block the long way to see it was true. Sure enough my next door neighbor's house had burnt pretty much to the ground. When he finally showed up at the scene, I was too shy to approach Chris. Kevin walked down the street and did tht dirty work for me. "Here but by the grace of God" is what I thought. I am very thankful that my house is not that empty hollowed out blackened mess next door. I feel very bad for him. He's been a very nice neighbor.

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