Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Goodbye Snow

A few days ago I posted that between now and my snowshoe marathon, I was going to try to get all my running mileage in on snowshoes. Yesterday's rain has put an end to that idea! I've been luckier than some in that I have had local trails with good snow cover for over a month. It seems that almost everyone I know has broken snowshoes right now. Why? Because they've been out training and racing on trails without enough snow on them! Snowfall has been spotty in New England this winter. Even a few miles can make a difference in the amount of snow out in the woods. But I think it's fair to say after all the rain we saw yesterday, we will all be leaving the snowshoes behind for a while.

So today I'll be out on the roads. I also plan to put in a Plyometric workout and an upper body/abs strength workout. Triple workout today, because I did absolutely nothing yesterday but sit around sipping tea, reading, and crocheting while the rain fell outside. I'd better get going, the day only has so many hours in it!


  1. Snow got wiped out down here too. Not a big deal to me right now since both shoes are broken and I'm still waiting for new cleats & bindings. I'm sure you'll have more soon. Isn't it supposed to snow up your way tomorrow?

  2. No snow in out forecast for at least a week. Woods are a slushy mess, so I'm trying to find happiness on the roads.