Thursday, January 7, 2010

Evening Run in Parsonsfield

I set out for a road run before work yesterday, but remembered early in the run that I had to drive in to our Saco office and update my softwear before I could see my first patient of 2010. I put on the brakes and turned and sprinted home. I figured I had done about two miles and I was disappointed.

My oportunity for a break in my work day finally came at about 4:00PM. I parked my car on the seldom used Pratt Road in Parsonsfield. I am familiar with the road and with the snowmobile trails that leave the road. It was exciting to run there again. These trails were part of my regular running route when I lived in Parsonsfield up until about 5 years ago.

Shortly after leaving the car, a beat up pick up truck pulled up beside me on the snowy icy road. The driver, an old guy in a flannel shirt and a battered ball cap, said in a heavy Maine accent, "Get in. I'll give ya a ride."

me "what?"
him "yer broke down ain't ya?"
me "no, I'm just running."
him "yer what?!"
me "just running."
him "why?"
me "for fun."
him (cap in hand scratching his head) "go figure."

He drove off with a wave. When I told Kevin about it later in the evening he said the guy was just messing with me. Thinking back, I'm sure Kevin was right. He had me going and he was enjoying it.

I ended up running about 5 miles as it was getting dark. It was a beautiful run and I'm glad I fit it in. When I got home I did my strength workout up in my new gym (AKA Shawna's old bedroom). That space is working out really well for me.

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