Friday, January 8, 2010


I've outlined a general race and event plan for the year in the right column of this page. I haven't looked up the dates yet and there might be some scheduling conflicts, but it's a start.

I've fallen into the habit of running later in the day instead of trying to squeeze it in before work. There is a lot of prep work to do before I actually start my work day and when I was running in the morning, I always started out my work day feeling behind already. So my posts are a day behind.

Yesterday afternoon, right around sunset, I parked my car in Limerick and ran out on some awesome snowmobile trails. The snow was a little soft and the going was slow and difficult, but I think of that as good training. It's a little like running on sand on the beach, it's strength work while also getting the heart rate up higher than on a clear trail or road.

The trail was covered with deer tracks, but I didn't see any. I did see some walkers and a back country skier. I was surprised the trail was getting so much pedestrian use. I'm happy with how my training is going now. I feel very strong, just not fast. That's OK because for my first event of the year, the snowshoe marathon, I need strength and endurance more than I need speed.

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