Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pudding Pond Revisited and Company on the Local Trails

This is turning into a high mileage week for me. That's OK, I feel good. This morning I ran with Mary at Pudding Pond. I had a lot of fun running and biking there a few days ago so when Mary asked where we should meet to run today, I suggested Pudding Pond. We ran 8.6 miles in 1 1/2 hours. This is actually pretty quick for those trails. It rained the entire time we ran and we got good and muddy.

Yesterday I ran on the Ossipee Trails and was surprised to find someone had set up a tent right in the middle of the River Run Trail. Judging by the two hairy feet that were sticking out the tent door, I suspect it is the hairy young guy who has been wandering around town for the past week. I hate to make Kezar Falls sound like Mayberry or something, but when there is a new character in town people notice. We have had people wander into town and set up temporary homesteads in the past. I think some of it stems from the "Hippie Fest" we had at the fair grounds several years back. Thousands of free spirits from around the country crowded into the fairgrounds for a weekend of music (and pot smoking) and saw what a great community this is. The town people were very welcoming and accepting.

Anyway, I think I will avoid that trail until Hairy Guy moves on. He doesn't appear to be as friendly as some that have visited town in the past and I'm not sure I trust him. I might have to encourage him to find a new tent site if he stays too long, that is my favorite local running and biking trail! I'm thinking a couple of rented bear suits and a midnight visit to his campsite might do the trick. Kevin is thinking more along the lines of that old Disney movie "Parent Trap." He thinks we should pour honey on his feet while he's sleeping and let the ants have at him. The guy does seem to sleep with them conveniently sticking out of the tent.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Good call with hairy guy. Can never be too careful. If Kevin ever goes after the dude and needs backup, let me know. :-)