Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last Week

Kevin and I got married at the river side of the Ossipee on May 29th. The bride wore Patagonia and the groom wore Timberlands. It was an informal event with only two invited witnesses and one wedding crasher as guests. Our officiant, Marilyn was a great sport, willing to walk out into the woods, fight the mosquitoes, and climb a huge hill to get back out of the woods. She managed to remain completely professional while our guests scurried around on the rocks, blowing bubbles, taking photos, and flirting with each other.

The ceremony was followed by a great deal of fun and misbehavior, particularly by our wedding crasher. It certainly wouldn't have been as much fun without her! No pictures of the after wedding celebration are available for viewing as we don't want to scandalize anyone.

The next day Kevin and I drove to Lyndon Vermont, where we stayed for 3 nights of luxury in the school house cottage of the Wildflower Inn, followed b 3 nights of roughing it at the very primitive Burke Mountain Campground. Each evening, we consumed huge quantities of fine locally raised beef and locally brewed beer. At the cottage, we enjoyed listening to a big Belted Galloway Bull bellowing at the top of his lungs at the bull in the next pasture. He was quite entertaining!

During the days, we spent hours mountain biking, running, and walking the Kingdom Trails. I rode some trails that I haven't been skilled enough to enjoy until now, like the fun downhill Kitchel and Toddy's trails. I attempted Sidewinder where I reached a speed of about 35 miles per hour on singletrack before bailing out (I'll ride the whole thing next time.) We previewed Jaw on foot and I will not be attempting that one at any time due to very long and narrow bridges over much of the trail. I know a broken-neck-waiting-to-happen when I see one.

(I know the photo is sideways, I couldn't fix it!)

It was an absolutely perfect trip! I believe we stayed active enough to make up for all the indulgence in good food and drink. I've run since returning home and feel great. Now back to the business of preparing for Vermont 100. I'll be running as Laurel Cox this year, so it will be a personal best for that name, no matter what!


  1. congratulations Laurel Cox! Sounds like my kind of wedding.
    It's amazing how much you look like Danny in the sideways picture!!

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful way to start a life together.

    Have fun setting all kinds of records with your "new" name!

  3. Congratulations Laurel & Kevin!! Chris & I got married wearing Patagonia, too - at Zion Ntl. Park - Mormon JOP - Korean tourists as witnesses. Too funny! Here's to many years of happiness. (You started off right at Kingdom Trails and the Wildflower Inn.) :)