Thursday, June 24, 2010

River Run Squatter Update

Squatter: One who settles an unoccupied piece of land without legal permission

If you recall, the last time I passed through the Ossipee Trails I left a note for the squatter who had set up camp in the middle of the River Run Trail. I politely requested that he clear a path through his tent site so people (mostly me and Kevin, but I made it seem like a lot of people,) could run, walk or mountain bike through there. I thought he might retaliate by expanding his camp even more, or by being rude when I went through, or by sabotaging the trail. I also thought perhaps he would move on and stay somewhere else. Then again, I wondered if he had just used my note as fire starter without even reading it. Well, I laid low for a few days to give him a chance to do something if he was going to.

Tuesday evening, after I had rested up from my long run, Kevin and I took the mountain bikes out on the Ossipee Trails. I was riding in front, but when we got ready to enter River Run I pulled aside and insisted that Kevin lead. I think I was a little nervous that my note might have offended. Even with the please, thank you, and smiley face, you just never know how someone will take a request. When we got to the spot where our town visitor had been camping, the trail was clear and so was the side of the trail that sloped down to the river. At first I thought he had left. But then I saw that he had moved his tent about 5 feet off the trail on the side away from the river. He had also moved all his gear to that same side of the trail.

This makes me very happy because I believe if this person had enough respect to grant my request he must be an OK person. So early this morning I ran through by myself and didn't worry at all about the feet sticking out the tent door or the snoring coming from within. Life on River Run is good again.

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